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Real estate, events and weddings drone photography
We can fly with no limit area Koh Samui
Simple, convenient, and completely custom real estate drone photos.
Capture breathtaking video to showcase the best your property has to offer.
Orthomosaic mapping
Capture huge, hundred-acre properties with precision, detail, and accuracy.
About studio
Koh Samui based professional event photographer & filmmaker.

I'm Vitalii Nikonorov, director, photographer & filmmaker. For over six years I have been living and working as a photographer on Koh Samui. Filming weddings, events, real estate photo and video.

I have a team of passionate, competent, seasoned and professional photographers, which provides commercial photography and videography in Thailand. We can help showcase your brand as well as your products & services in the most professional way possible. We have an excellent reputation. Each project is brought to a successful conclusion. Feel free to reach if you have any questions .

Drone video of real estate
Sell your residential real estate property faster with click-worthy aerial imagery. Showcase your property from beautiful angles and attract premium buyers.
Koh Samui drone photographer rates
We use best equipment with no limit area
Drone Photo
— Include 5 drone photos in high resolution
— Short raw video (no editing )
— Additional photos - 200 THB per photo
— Additional night photos 1500 THB per 3 photos
— Editing time 1 day
5000 THB
Drone raw video
— Include 40min flight time on Mavic 2 Pro drone
— all 4K video raw material on Google Drive
— Additional 20min 1500 baht
6000 THB
Drone photo & video
— Include 5 best retouch Photos (day time)
— 40 second edited 4k resolution video clip
— Additional night photos 1500THB per 3 photos
— Editing time 5 days
10000 THB
2d or 3d mapping
— Include Jpg and Tiff file linked to the coordinates of google maps.
— 3d model + 3000 THB (obj file format)
— Editing time 3 days

14000 THB
Real Estate Video
— Include drone video
— Include camera video of interior, exterior and details
— Motion design
— 2 Minute edited high resolution of video
— Editing time 14 days
— Model for filming +4000THB
24000 THB
Drone orthomosaic Mapping
Get detailed aerial orthomosaic imagery and useful data for your project.
2D Mapping, like Google Earth, but much sharper
An orthophoto, or "ortho", is a single geometrically corrected image created by combining multiple photographs. Our orthomosaic technology uses drone GPS location data to generate georeferenced images. Our software then stitches together hundreds or thousands of high-resolution images to create an accurate orthomotic map.

With a map resolution of up to 0.7 inches per pixel, you can see individual blades of grass piercing cracks in the parking lot. As a result, you get the files in the format Jpeg and GeoTiff that you can use in Google Earth, where you can measure distances, create layers with communications, water supply and electrical wiring.
3D models from drone shots
We can provide you with using a drone - 3D model of your land or building. You can fully interact with the model using such programs as 3dsMax and Blender to better imagine how your object might look on the land. Or if you have a 3D rendering of your future building and want to showcase it to potential clients, buyers or investors.

Creating a 3D model of your surroundings can be a great way to put your development in context.Show what your future building will look like, how the structure will fit into the landscape, and other benefits your project has to offer. As a result, you get the files in the ".obj" file format.
How it works
You can upload the resulting map to Google Earth. For 3d models, you can use Blender or 3ds Max.
Drone video of construction
Capture an entire project from the sky with captivating photos & videos. Showcase your work from start to finish and tell a compelling story. Aerial drone photos and videos are excellent tools for monitoring progress on a consistent basis, getting a detailed overview of your project, and highlighting your completed work.

This time-lapse lasted 10 days and consists of more than 40,000 photos combined into 1 minute of video.

Yacht and travel drone video

Perhaps the best way to convey the beauty of marine nature. An opportunity to capture the best moments of your trip.
Nightlife drone video
An opportunity to demonstrate the scale of a party or festival from the sky.
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