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Koh Samui Food photography

Natural & Authentic
The task of the food stylist is to make an attractive finished piece of food.
Photos for restaurants
Cookbooks and recipes
Delicate dishes
Individual style
Previously, food photography was no different from regular photography. It was filmed just as people used to see it - on the table, in perspective from above. But the photography industry pays a lot of attention to feeding and imaging.
Appetizing serving
The way the dishes are served reflects your service.
Dessert and shake
The best dishes at the end of dinner.
Koh Samui food photographer rates
Prices are approximate and may change
in the course of the discussion
Photo of restaurant
— 10 professionally edited interior and exterior images
— Time to edit 1 days
— Additional photo 200 THB per photo
5000 THB
Photo Start package
— 20 professionally edited food images
— Time to edit 5 days
— 2 Hours max time for photo session
— Additional photo 200 THB per photo
10000 THB
Photo max package
— 40 professionally edited food images
— 10 professionally edited images of your restaurant
— Time to edit 10 days
— 4 Hours max time for photo session
— Additional photo 100 THB per photo
15000 THB
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